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ISSL has been providing professional specialized solutions across industries for almost 6 years giving you a path to innovation. Apart from regular services, ISSL is providing personalized attention to the clients, knowledge and extensive experience in these specialized areas of business which can be considered niche essence of outsourcing.

Contact with us to get a tailored talent management and workforce planning for market research support services, process automation and process excellence in specialized services like telemedicine and Missed call marketing to customer engagement.



We are successfully providing telemedicine and doctor consultation services for our clients maintaining all the required regulations. For ensuring service excellence we have incorporated BMDC certified doctors, Specialized Nutritionists who serves the patients over call center and prescribe them as per regulation.


ISSL offers you highly-skilled professionals, analytics skills, and business process experience for market research to enable your company to make more informed decisions and offer clients an appropriate portfolio of services. We provide customized packages on business survey management with analytical research which will help your business to step in the next level.


ISSL offers you Proactive Missed Call Marketing to Outbound Call Services, giving your Customer the easiest way to connect with you so that you can have a greater reach and increased response in a cost effective way into the target market. Ensure better customer experience by initiating mobile marketing by grabbing the right customer for your company and at the same time creating a relationship with them through missed call marketing to outbound call.




  • Equipped with industry experts for process specialization
  • High end solutions and platform for process management
  • Trained & expert specialized call center resources.
  • Automated call handling with IVR features.
  • Cloud based insight capture and data transmission
  • Skilled project implementation team and back office support.
  • Highly effective operations management for your customers.
  • Actionable Insight/ Our analytics expertise help you to articulate actionable insights.
  • We highly integrate specialized work force to your business goals. You can have a secure tele-diagnosis platform, can have the people giving you predictive analytics and also can have outbound representatives with understanding of local behavior.


  • ISSL aims at partnership orientation that embraces client’s culture and prefers transparency.
  • Efficient Change Management ability in handling market change, along with client and vendor readiness and adaptability with constantly changing business environment.
  • We offer cost effective solutions in Healthcare, marketing and research areas though our specialized human resources.
  • Customized CRM platform for process automation
  • Relationship buildup and transformation of the relation with our proactive and customized solutions to retain existing and acquiring new prospects.
  • Greater market positioning and branding of your business is the core benefit you can get from our specialized solutions.
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