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The difference between a business organization and a ‘Good’ business organization is ‘Growth’!! A steady and sustainable growth, that we all want in our business and such steady growth heavily depends on showcasing your products and services to right segment of customer and it’s accessibility towards them. Promoting your products & services over the phone not only ensure your sales boost but also by ensuring professional telesales/telemarketing approach you can ensure the proper branding & customer engagement through it.

ISSL can be your trusted partner to ensure your growth. Through our structured and dynamic outbound services we are working with different business organization as their ‘Growth’ partner. Our experience and robust outbound team can make sure of your maximum business prospect ensuring highest service quality. Our services are scalable and designed to meet your specific needs. No matter it’s a small non-profit organization or a global corporation, we have the resources necessary to implement a solution that not only meets your specs, but also your budget and business integrity.



ISSL has a flamboyant and dynamic team to operate branding and promotion activities through outbound call center. We ensure experienced and well trained telemarketing expertise & representatives who will help you to reach your target customers maintaining all your confidentiality and information security.

Want to promote your business? Or want a drive for increasing market share? Trust an expert, and we are eager to help you to become your trusted growth partner.


More sales more profit, more profit more growth!! Sales can be done by any means if you give effort on push selling. But if you cannot maximize the sales growth unless you emphasize on the quality of the approach. ISSL will ensure quality centric sales approach to give you the steady growth that you always wanted. Our professional and tested sales team is capable of making higher sales growth by offering most cost effective outbound solutions in the market.





For bill collection, reminder, due/installment settlement & follow up ISSL outbound team is well set to provide all the possible ways to make your payments done. Banks, Financial Institutions & Insurance Service providers can focus more on the core operations through outsourcing their collection process to our trusted team.


Finding trouble about the authentic business lead? Want to maximize the outcome of your business approach?

ISSL outbound team has the scope and readiness to make it more authentic and noiseless on your behalf. Our well-equipped outbound team will help to capture authentic business insights to target the right audience for your promotions.


Every customer counts when you emphasize on your profit margin. More happy customers, more profit margins. Throughout the customer life cycle with your organization, ISSL outbound team will help you to retain your valued customers by providing the sense of importance and attention as you want for the customers to be welcomed, appreciated even if to be churned through our outbound team.



Our outbound team can verify and validate data authenticity on your behalf. Survey, information, market data, research data, information provided in different subscription/admission form can be validated over phone through expert outbound professionals. We can ensure cloud based information capture through CRM to disseminate real-time report at your concerned teams.




Through our outbound call center, you can fix appointments with you potential business leads. Top of it this will authenticate the business lead and minimize your operating time and cost. Cash out the maximum potentials from your direct sales team through outsourcing the appointment setting hassles to out expert hand and step towards the next level of your business.


New business or old, all organization wants to improve their product and service offerings according to market trends and customers need. Whether for measuring customer satisfaction or to run a campaign, a survey can help you improve the overall production and marketing strategy. We would like to help you in this regard maintaining all the service guidelines and ensuring 100% data security.




  • Standard call center setup for operations.
  • 24-7-365 operational support.
  • Trained call center resources.
  • Automated call handling with IVR features.
  • Call recording facilities.
  • Cloud based insight capture and data transmission.
  • Skilled project implementation team and back office support.
  • Highly effective operations management for your customers.
  • High end IT team to support from both on-sight and remote access.


  • Upgraded customer satisfaction ensured for your customers.
  • High end data analytics and periodic reporting as per business need.
  • Training & Quality Control process to maintain operational excellence
  • Transition process management and business reengineering for your organization.
  • SMS based feedback management platform
  • Customized CRM platform for process automation
  • Managing complete after sales support and service
  • Leveraging the additional customer service cost
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