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Our Bad Debt Recovery Management solely focusing on Telecommunication, Banks, Financial Institutions and Insurance organizations as they face a great obstacle in financial growth due to outstanding recovery issues. We have created a new concept of collection operations in the BPO market focusing more on creating promoters through maintaining customer satisfaction as well as following them up for a smooth recovery process between our clients and customers.

We have our expert customer service pool who works as a call center agent to call the customers and inform them regarding the detailed dues for their services. Moreover, convince the customers for paying the due amounts through the authorized channels with a professional service guideline. We can also follow up the customers regarding the payment issues based on the report from our clients. In the end, customers are not only paying debts.



ISSL can be your outsourced bad debt recovery partners and play a vital role through capturing customer dissatisfactions, solve them and ensure a smooth recovery process from customers end. Moreover, creating a pipeline to follow-up for future customer satisfaction issues. Our back end expert team has the capability to ensure a constant follow-up chain with the customers to gain credibility and accelerate the bill collection procedure.


For bill collection, reminder, due/installment settlement & follow up ISSL outbound team is well set to provide all the possible ways to make your payments done. Banks, Financial Institutions & Insurance Service providers can focus more on the core operations through outsourcing their collection process to our trusted team.




ISSL outbound team will help you to retain your valued customers by providing the sense of importance and attention as you want for the customers to be welcomed, appreciated even if to be churned through our outbound team. Reminder calls from our outbound experts creates an awareness on customers to pay outstanding in a timely manner.


ISSL have to exposure to manage a dedicated team for door to door customer retention program. Though expert negotiation and follow-up, we can support you to locate the right customer and make our customers have the flavor of great customer service which results in faster recovery and customer retention.




  • Standard call center setup for operations.
  • 24-7-365 operational support.
  • Strategically standard bad debt recovery wing
  • Standard debt collection platform and smart door to door approach for collection
  • Maximum resource optimization and cost effective business process for your organization.
  • Cloud based insight capture and data transmission
  • Skilled bad debt recovery project implementation team and back office support.
  • Highly effective operations management for your customers.


  • Increased collection results in revenue growth.
  • Upgraded customer satisfaction ensured for your customers.
  • High end data analytics and periodic reporting as per business need.
  • Training & Quality Control process to maintain operational excellence
  • Transition process management and business reengineering for your organization.
  • Customized CRM platform for process automation
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