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To create and maintain a good relationship with your customers of your organization, a single point of customer support is a must need for your venture. It is proven that you can create promoters through effective and efficient customer service and on the contrary 58% of you Customer leaves you because of poor customer service! Why not outsource your additional tasks to us and let us keep the smiles of your customer counting..!

ISSL have extensive experience in handling customer queries and complaints for different clients through call center through maintaining 24/7/365 operations with high quality call structure and monitoring from both resource and quality management aspect. Our services are scalable and designed to meet your specific needs. No matter it’s a small non-profit organization or a global corporation, we have the resources necessary to implement a solution that not only meets your specs, but also your budget and business integrity.



ISSL can support and engage your customers through information management hotline and add value to your customer satisfaction as and when needed. Whether your business is big or tiny, we are here to create happy faces among your customer groups through serving their queries and reach their requests to your end with utmost value.


ISSL can support your customer complaints with top most priority and with due care to maintain the satisfaction index always above expectation for your organization. Our skilled business process will help you to support with cloud based complain management and escalation facilities, feedback management and multilevel validation to ensure customer satisfaction at a go.


ISSL inbound call center can support with placing a product order, verification & booking services offered to your customers. Additionally for maintaining a 3600 value chain we insource products booking, ticket booking, database and information updates for our customers through inbound channels.


ISSL has the expertise to manage your front desk both at your own business premise and as well as remotely from call center support to greet and facilitate your customers. Addressing the queries, solving customer needs and escalate calls to designated concerns from a single point of contact through our call center.




  • Standard call center setup for operations.
  • 24-7-365 operational support.
  • Trained call center resources.
  • Automated call handling with IVR features.
  • Call recording facilities.
  • Cloud based insight capture and data transmission.
  • Skilled project implementation team and back office support.
  • Highly effective operations management for your customers.
  • High end IT team to support from both on-sight and remote access.


  • Upgraded customer satisfaction ensured for your customers.
  • High end data analytics and periodic reporting as per business need.
  • Training & Quality Control process to maintain operational excellence
  • Transition process management and business reengineering for your organization.
  • SMS based feedback management platform
  • Customized CRM platform for process automation
  • Managing complete after sales support and service
  • Leveraging the additional customer service cost
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