ISSL Voice Broadcast Solutions

Now-a-days consumers are seeking services from every company through the easiest way to communicate and promote products & services. And at present Voice out Bound Dialer service is one of the easiest ways to provide so. In present days promotional focus goes high on Voice broadcast. We areoffering Voice Outbound Dialer to reach multiple recipients with voice message. Using last 6 digit of mobile number, call will generate to multiple persons and they will receive a recorded voice.


Terms and Conditions

  • 60 Second Pulse
  • Number must be registered by the subscriber.
  • Broadcast time will be variable based on channel availability.
  • Number database will be provided by client.
  • Recorded Voice will be provided by client.
  • ISSL will not be liable for any promotion through OBD witch is illegal or against the law or interest of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.