Social Media Marketing

While other agencies might treat social media marketing just like any other ATL marketing, we don’t and that is what sets us apart from the competition. At ISSL, we have created an innovative, separate and highly specialized approach that we use to power social media marketing for Small and Medium Enterprises to large brands.  

Companies will be choosing us because our team has a very advanced level understanding of how digital marketing works and will provide a very strong platform for any old/new brand to gain mass awareness. We know how to turn business objectives into realities in creative, strategic and measurable ways. Based on a value added method, right now we are now working on platforms, which are detailed below.

Why Digital Marketing is Important?

Right now in Bangladesh there are 43 Million Internet Users, 14 Million Facebook Account Holders, 122 Million Active Mobile Phone Users spread out all over the country. Through Digital marketing platform they can be reached easily and based on target segment, can be attracted towards the brand or product. More than 2000 Million Digital Ad Impressions are served on monthly basis and this statisticssurely reflectshow the people of the country are turning tech savvy and leaning towards Social Media. 

How We Work:

Objectives: First we prioritize our client’s objectives. What do our clients want to accomplish through the Social Media Marketing platform? What do they want to monitor specifically – product reactions, customer service queries or general discussions? 

Plan:Nowthatwe understand what we are doing, we develop a strategy keeping the customers’ requirements in mind. With our clients, we set up keywords, that we want to target, we prioritize our efforts and we ensure we are listening to the posts & tweets on the follower of our clients. 

Relationship:Social Media is a great medium for creating buzz for the brand, that is to get people to notice and talk about the brand and starting a chain of word-of-mouth advertising. We assist our clients in building brand recognition, loyalty and credibility on Social media sites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. We understand the importance of interacting effectively thus our content team always creates a unique theme for each brand we represent and works to make the design and content,engaging and attractive for the target users. 

Evaluate: We continuously evaluate our results versus our objectives. Since Social media is constantly changing, we place heavy emphasis on evaluation. Our dedicated team of experts are always monitoring the ads and finding innovative ways to improve our methods.

Our Service Scope: 

Social Media Plan

Our Engagement Plan includes activating your brand’s Social Media Marketing channels in Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and various other platforms depending on your focus area and products. From scratch to design, uploading and activating we will take care of everything.

Pay per Click (PPC)&Online AD Campaign Management:

Our digital marketing experts can work with your brand to research, design, structure, configure and manage ongoing Online Ad Campaigns to get the boost you need to get for your product and service. Putting your online Ad is easy with us and we ensure their placement on the most visited websites of the country, such, for example.

Mobile Engagement

Our expertise extends to connecting with customers via mobile, engaging with mobile users using specially designed mobile content & executing creative social mobile campaigns. Other services include developing state-of-the-artmobile Apps for the specific brand and its target base. This is the new arena besides the digital campaign, which the companies, specially startups, can explore.


Why Us:ISSL believes in 3E’s – Expertise, Efficiency & Experience. We are a specialized firmin digital marketing. We deliver world class creative ideas with forward thinking brands. We believe in people, not just platforms and the power of social insight to drive business value. We call this social thinking.