Call Center

Customer Service Scopes

  1. Inbound Call Center

    ISSL inbound call center support can involve to engage your customers query, request and complaints through a quality structured inbound process. Efficient and well trained call center agents with proper service delivery guideline helps customers to work as a promoter for you companies.

  2. Outbound Call Center
    1. Telesales

      We do have an excellent telesales team to provide support for paid/non-paid product or services. Currently having a monthly 1.5 Million sales calls from ISSL outbound call center operation teams. Agents are equipped with advanced telesales training with daily basis feedback and follow-up.

    2. Telemarketing

      ISSL handles customer awareness about any product or service through outbound Calls; that is telemarketing. We handle customer awareness about:

      1. New Product / Service
      2. New feature of the product/ service
      3. Different offer and discount program for Credit cards service.
      4. New market entrances etc.
    1. Customer Satisfaction Survey

      Our expert outbound team can communicate with customers about their experience who have enjoyed the product / service. The customer feedback will be communicated with authority for further action.

    2. Credit/Bad Debt Collection

      For any telecommunication and financial organization, we have our expert customer service pool who works as a call center agent to call the customers and inform them regarding the detailed dues for their services. Moreover, convince the customers for paying the due amounts through the authorized channels with a professional service guideline. We can also follow up the customers regarding the payment issues based on the report from our clients.

    3. Business Lead Generation

      Through customer awareness program, we receive response from customers those who have interest on that product. Our expert outbound team communicates with those customers and makes a lead for direct face-to-face communication. The meeting schedule can be delivered to direct sales team who will complete the meeting process and close sell.

  1. Business Lead Generation
    1. Web Chat
    2. E-mail
    3. Interactive communications to social media