Back Office Management


ISSL offers a wide range of back office services and has years of accumulated experience and expertise to serve varied industry sectors. We cater to the business requirements of clients at various levels from simple data entry, which allow you to outsource a complete department with standardized tasks, semi-standardized tasks, social media support, resource management etc. to an offshore team. We combine our industry expertise and advanced technology to provide a range of integrated and seamless customer management solutions.

Why Outsource Back Office

Consider these questions:

  • Are you using too many resources on non-core activities?
  • Too much time on daily operations?
  • Are your employees trained in best practices?
  • Do you have state of the art technology and software for your team?

ISSL can help with these issues. We offer scalable, cost-effective solutions for your non-core functions.


Data Entry

  • Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
  • Online Data Gathering
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Off-line Data Entry
  • Scanning & digital archiving

Email and Chat Service

  • Web Chat and Email Support
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Interactive communication to social media

Reporting & Analysis

  • Operational and Sales reporting
  • Social media research data for you or competitors
  • Research Report
  • Marketing analytics for insightful dashboards & custom reports

Door to Door Customer Service

  • Bad debt recovery
  • Market Promotional Activities
  • Delivery Service
  • D2D Survey