Ensure better experience with Transaction

Now a day, world has become an open market. Citizen of one country is moving towards another country for better earning, better living hood. While they are sending remittance to their own country there are several rules and restrictions they need to follow. Most of the cases they need to send remittance through a local Exchange House. But in most cases, they can oversight what’s the actual status after sending and before delivery to the proper beneficiary – even exchange houses can’t properly report to the remitter. Even for a silly mistake remittance can be returned to the remitter. On the other hand receiving banks also sometimes are not able to properly update about the status of the transaction.

Our Non Resident Citizen Money Transfer System is developed to remove all of the mentioned issues and make this transaction very easy, faster, reliable and safe while providing a large variety of reports as required as well live tracking system of a transaction.

This is a web based solution that covers the Remitter-Foreign Exchange House –Local Bank-Beneficiary full chain. There are a large variety of transactions that will give a flavor of freedom to the remitter and accountability to the Exchange House as well as Beneficiary Bank.

  • Various Payment Mode (Cash, Account, Other Bank)
  • Complete Web Based Solution with latest technology support
  • With compliance of Central monitoring Bank (e.g. Bangladesh Bank)
  • User Role management with privileges
  • User Management
  • Bank and Branch Management
  • Multi-currency support for Funding and Transaction
  • Exchange House setup with Branch or Booth
  • Bank to Bank and Bank to Exchange House rate setup panel
  • Courier Service Management
  • Integration with Core Banking Software with Secured Protocol
  • Exchange House wise File upload format setup
  • Mass transaction upload facility with preview
  • Update facility of Transaction at Preview phase
  • Support module for Western Union and MoneyGram
  • A large variety of Flexible Reports
  • Real-time Tracking of Transaction
  • Amendment, Cancellation, Restore, Hold, History of Transaction
  • Payment from Any Branch and Any Connected Bank
  • Fund recharge module for Bank and Exchange Company
  • Flood and Transaction wise Chatting and Messaging System
  • Site wide advance search with Transaction ID or Token
  • Integrated SMS Module
  • Built in Open Source Platform – so no additional cost
  • Complete web based solution – can use from anywhere anytime
  • Very cost effective and easily maintainable System
  • Integration with Core Banking Software, no manual effort
  • Beneficiary can have payment even through ATM booth
  • All concerned party can have central service
  • Unlimited time Amendment, cancellation and Restoration Facility
  • Branch can Track Transaction with Authorized ID delivered by Beneficiary, otherwise cant view other branch’s payment
  • Embedded Notification system make aware of Decision
  • Can even change the thought of education
  • Make a central platform, grow a unique sense among the students of learning
  • Very cost effective solution for any Corporate, Training and educational institute
  • It can automate the national education system
  • Educational performance and analytical statistics is ready to use in different areas even
  • Unified solution for Exchange House, Beneficiary Bank, Western Union and MoneyGram
  • Any-time any Party can track for any Transaction or message – ensures accountability
  • Beneficiary and Exchange house can be notified through SMS even
  • Beneficiary can make withdrawal of the amount from any ATM booth
  • Two layers at Exchange House and Three Layers Verification can reduce any un-wanted operation
  • Any Branch Can Track but can’t view generally the transaction so flexible and secured from any discrepancy
  • Any NGO dealing with Education