E-Learning for Excellence

Ensure education for all with very affordable way

E-Learning is a modern learning and training platform. It can also be implemented as a Course Management System, Learning Management System or Virtual Learning Environment.

E-Learning is designed to help create online courses with opportunities for rich interaction. It comes with a distinctive icon-based user interface that is intuitive to use. The platform offers a wide range of features from content creation, test builder, project management, extended statistics, internal messaging system, forum, chat, surveys and more. It is a SCORM 1.2 compliant system.

E-Learning is a multilingual platform offered in several languages. It can be also used as a central medium of communication among Faculty members and Students. Dependency of private assistance can be reduced incredibly and the deviation of facilities between village students and urban students can be reduced almost the whole. It will be a medium for the students, through which they can acquire knowledge, assess themselves with the flavor of play.

  • Unlimited Institute, Department, Course, Lesson creation and manage
  • Multimedia contents support as learning medium
  • Multi Lingual support
  • User Role management with privileges
  • Extended and Flexible User Profile management
  • Robust and Flexible Administration and Maintenance facility
  • Advanced Security Features
  • SCORM Compliant and IMS supported platform
  • Built-in Multimedia File management support
  • Self-Assessment and Scheduled Graded Exam feature
  • Seven Types of Questions with Interactive features
  • Projects and Assignment Management
  • Student Progress Tracking System
  • Dynamic Grading System
  • Plug and Play modular system for further enhancement
  • Diverse communication platform – Blog, Message, Chat, Feedback
  • Built in Open Source Platform – so no additional cost
  • Complete web based solution – can use from anywhere anytime
  • Easy installation, maintenance and use
  • User friendly interactive interface
  • Can export or import any SCORM compliant content
  • Anytime can integrate with LDAP for user authentication
  • Implemented latest web technologies and AJAX oriented operation
  • Auto result publish and performance analysis report
  • Any national central monitoring institute can use it to oversight other institutes
  • Different control panel for each Institute
  • Can even change the thought of education
  • Make a central platform, grow a unique sense among the students of learning
  • Very cost effective solution for any Corporate, Training and educational institute
  • It can automate the national education system
  • Educational performance and analytical statistics is ready to use in different areas even
  • Central Monitoring Cell (e.g. National University)
  • Any Force for Training and Assessment
  • Any Corporate Organization for Employee Training and Development
  • Any University
  • Any College
  • Any School
  • Any Training Institute
  • Any Research Institute
  • Any NGO dealing with Education